8/22 Let’s do Jimmy Higgins again

Radio by and for the 99%

There’s been so much going on in Occupy Boston’s Radio working group – we’re in the middle of moving our studio (from 33 Harrison Ave to 9 Hamilton Place, right near Park St. Station – the new home of Encuentro 5), and dealing with the spin-off of one of our programs to an internet radio station (Unregular Radio) that has a bigger audience share than Occupy Boston Radio has yet been able to garner.  (See the minutes of Occupy Boston’s 8/12 GA and the proposal text.)  This has made it hard to stay on top of putting out new programming.

We hope to have a new show, next week – watch this space.  If not, then definitely by the week after.  In the meantime, today we’ll air last week’s show, again.  If we DON’T get a new show ready for next week, we will probably re-air our show on preventing another Iran war, as that whole issue is back in the news, again.

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