10/24 Corporations are not People! Citizens United and the Democracy Amendment

U.S. Supreme Court

U.S. Supreme Court

The U.S. Supreme Court, in its 5-4 decision in Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission (2010), decided that corporate money spent in elections is “free speech”, and protected by the Constitution. When it did this, it threw out decades worth of campaign finance laws that had restricted election spending by corporations, unions, and other organized groups. The ruling has also dramatically expanded other “corporate rights” and distorted the First Amendment to give constitutional rights to corporate entities that were never intended to enjoy the protections the Constitution reserves for “We the People.”

On November 6th, voters in 6 Massachusetts State Senate and 30 State Representative districts will vote on a ballot question that supports a Constitutional amendment to overturn the Citizens United decision and establish fair elections. Over three hundred local activists collected nearly 20,000 signatures statewide in support of the ballot question. A ‘YES’ vote on the Democracy Amendment Question will reinforce the recent state resolution passed by the state legislature, and make a loud call for a constitutional amendment to reserve the rights of citizens for actual human beings.

The Democracy Amendment Ballot Question:

Shall the state [senator or representative] from this district be instructed to vote in favor of a resolution calling upon Congress to propose an amendment to the US Constitution affirming that 1) corporations are not entitled to the constitutional rights of human beings, and 2) both Congress and the states may place limits on political contributions and political spending?

Corporations are not People!  Citizens United and the Democracy Amendment
Wednesday, 10/24/2012 7:00 pm USA Eastern Time
Occupy Boston Radio – OBR.FM
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