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What is an FSU-Radio Podcast?

FSU-Radio is a weekly educational program that broadcasts on Occupy Boston Radio, an internet-only, community radio station streaming from  After the initial broadcast, programs are made available for manual or automated download as podcasts.  Recent podcast shows include:

  • WED 10/31 What’s at Stake: The 2012 Elections and the Left (Audio from 10/20/2012 Boston DSA Forum)
  • Wed 10/24Corporations are not People! Citizens United and the Democracy Amendment
  • Wed 10/17Occupy Culture: “No Room for Wishing” and protest music
  • Wed 10/10The Federal Budget: What Does it Mean to You? And What Can You Do About It?
  • Wed 10/3Fiscal Policy w/ Prof. Arjun Jayadev

If you are an iTunes user, you can subscribe to our podcasts by just clicking this link.  You can also subscribe using iTunes or any other podcatcher (or just listen) using the links at our Feedburner site.

As a last resort, type in  “” when your podcatcher asks you for the feed address.

No, I mean… what is a Podcast?

A podcast is a like TIVO for radio. You set your computer up to automatically download the show, then you can listen to it any time you want to.  You can even download it to a portable device (like an iPod or smart phone) and listen to it on the go.

OK, What do I need to do?

If you are one of the many, many people who uses Apple’s iTunes program to download and listen to music, subscribing to FSU-Radio podcasts is simplicity in itself.  In fact, all you have to do is click this link.  The iTunes program will take care of the rest.  (If you DON’T have iTunes installed, that link won’t work.  In that case, use the methods below.)

Once you’ve subscribed, you can find us in your iTunes “Libary” menu, under “Podcasts”.  You can see or download available episodes by double clicking our icon.  You can change download schedule and other properties via the “Settings” button at the bottom of the Podcasts window.

But, I don’t use iTunes…

You can subscribe to podcasts, and play them, without iTunes.  You will need:

  • A computer.  Of course, it must also be connected to the internet (and with a fairly high-speed connection).
  • A podcatcher.  This is a free piece of software also known as a podcast receiver.  The podcatcher lets you subscribe to podcasts, and handles the automatic downloads.
  • An MP3 (music) player.  This can either be a piece of software on your computer, or a portable music-playing device – or you can use both.

If you want to use a portable MP3-playing device (like an iPod), you also need to be able to synchronize between the computer.  (The beauty of iTunes for podcasting is that it handles all of these functions for you.)

Podcatching with Juice, or some other receiver

You can sign up to receive our podcasts automatically any one of a range of other free podcatchers through the links on our Feedburner site.

One free podcatcher is “Juice” (formerly known as iPodder).  This classic program was designed by Adam Curry, the father of podcasting.  Juice is available for Windows, OS X, or Linux.  Juice will download your podcasts, and play them for you using a companion program like Windows Media Player. If you want to synchronize with a hand-held, you will have to copy the files from your computer to your device.

You can find a list of other podcatchers at the Podcatcher Matrix.  Once your podcatcher is installed, open the program and select your podcast “feed” from a list, or enter the URL of the feed (in our case in the box.

Listening to our podcasts online

You can listen to our archived shows online on our Archive Page.

You can also subscribe to our feed, and listen, using a web-based podcatcher like Podnova.

You can also listen to the each podcast directly through the “play” button on the Feedburner site.

Information about The FSU Program and Occupy Boston Radio

Occupy Boston Radio is not-for-profit, volunteer-based, community radio, currently available by internet only.  Our audio streams live from or from, or you may go to and choosing “Radio” from the red menu bar at the top of the page.  If the radio doesn’t begin to play automatically once you’re on the page, click the “play” arrow on the radio player control app to begin listening, or try refreshing your browser screen.   (If you have a device, like an iPhone, that can’t use the Flash player, there’s a link there for you, too.)

FSU-RADIO is an educational series by Occupy Boston’s Free School University. Our goal is to form an autonomous zone and share skills needed to maintain that, to entertain educate and enliven Occupiers and the general public. Our purpose is to provide support and space for skill sharing and sharing basic info regarding Occupy Boston and to encourage self-organization, teaching, and learning opportunities.

Our Wednesday program consists of TALK radio featuring educational content such as lectures, panel discussions and interviews.

Host: David Knuttunen (guest hosts from time to time)

Time: WED 7-8pm USA Eastern time.  (Rebroadcasts the following Monday at 10:00 am and Wednesday at 7:00 am.)

To propose a guest for the program, email

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