Vote November 6th!

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Make it Count!

As Occupiers and activists, we at the Free School University program realize that voting once every two to four years is not enough for us to have a democratic society.  “Democracy” means “rule by the people”, but how can we expect to rule anything of importance with only 20 minutes of effort, every two years (or less)?  You need to be in the street.  You need to be in their offices with your demands.  You need to be in their face.  Democracy requires that the people be active year-round, every year, and not just at elections.

But voting is an important part of activism!  Voting is one of the ways that activism connects to the formation of real power.  The 1% has the wealth.  The 99% has the numbers – if we choose to use them.

So, if you do nothing else, at least vote.  And if you do a lot – vote too!

FSU-Radio has produced three shows over the past few weeks specifically about issues facing the 99% in the 2012 elections.  All these shows are available as podcasts, or for download – see the list (and links) below.  We’ve also produced, over the past months, several shows that help serve as “deep background” to some of the crucial economic issues – the ones that the major parties talk about, and the ones that they don’t.  Many of these shows are available, too.  A few of them are listed below.

Issues Pertaining to the Election

  • Wed 10/10The Federal Budget: What Does it Mean to You? And What Can You Do About It?
  • Wed 10/24Corporations are not People! Citizens United and the Democracy Amendment
  • WED 10/31 What’s at Stake: The 2012 Elections and the Left (Audio from 10/20/2012 Boston Democratic Socialists of America Forum)

Deep Background

  • Wed 9/12Money, Debt & the Federal Reserve Bank w/ Prof. Arjun Jayadev
  • Wed 10/3Fiscal Policy w/ Prof. Arjun Jayadev
  • Wed 09/19 Peace, Economic Justice and the Military Budget with Mike Prokosch

Besides the links above, you subscribe to our podcasts, or just listen to them on line, at our Feedburner site.


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