Monday 12/10 – Day of Action on the Fiscal Cliff

Over the past few weeks, we’ve heard a lot about the so-called “fiscal cliff” that our country faces. So what does this actually mean? How do we fix our federal budget? Groups like the corporate CEO-led “Fix the Debt” would like you to think there’s only one way to solve this problem: slash funds for programs like Medicaid & Medicare and let the rich continue to receive taxpayer-funded handouts. They would rather take away vital services from seniors and the poor than pay their fair share in taxes.

The fact is, this is a simple issue. This is about the 99% vs. 1%. So which side are you on?

Rally Graphic

Jobs for the 99%

Rally in Boston for the National Day of Action on the “Fiscal Cliff”

Monday, December 10th
Faneuil Hall (1 Faneuil Hall Sq. Boston MA)
State Street Stop on the Orange Line, Government Center on Green/Blue Line

Candelight Vigil Against Cuts

Monday, December 10th 
Outside the office of Senator Kerry (1 Bowdoin Sq. Boston, MA)
Bowdoin Stop on the Blue Line

For more information, contact Mary at Jobs with Justice by emailing or call 617-524-8778.

These actions were announced in our 12/5/12 program.

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