4/10 Occupy Economics with Prof. Gerald Friedman (rebroadcast)

This year, interspersed with new shows, the Free School University Program will be replaying most of the shows from last year, in chronological order.  (The only shows we’ll skip will be those for which there is no recording, and maybe a few that were so topical that they are no longer of great interest.)  Most of these shows are also available on our Archive and Podcast pages.

We’ll start, tonight, with Occupy Economics, which originally broadcast on 1/18/2012.

Topics for discussion include “What’s wrong with economics?”, why past and present economic theories such as “methodological individualism” and institutionalism just don’t cut it, and what an economics for the 99% might look like.

Jerry Friedman is a professor of Economics at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. He received his BA in Economics from Columbia in History and Economics in 1977 and after working for a year at the ILGWU he went on to earn his PhD from Harvard in Economics in 1986. Since then he has been teaching at the University of Massachusetts where he teaches the mega-lecture introduction to microeconomics to 420 students at 8 in the morning. He is the author of several books on the labor history of the United States and Europe, most recently of Reigniting the Labor Movement: Restoring Means to Ends in a Democratic Labor Movement, and has consulted with unions and groups advocating for single-payer health care.

Occupy Economics
with Prof. Gerald Friedman, U. Mass. Amherst
Wednesday, 4/10/13 7:00 pm USA Eastern Time
Occupy Boston Radio – OBR.FM  LISTEN!
with rebroadcasts the following Monday 10:00 am
and Wednesday 7:00 am


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