5/15 Main Street Smarts, with Grace Ross (Rebroadcast)

Book Cover Photo

Main Street $marts

This year, interspersed with new shows, the Free School University Program will be replaying most of the shows from last year, in chronological order.  (The only shows we’ll skip will be those for which there is no recording, and maybe a few that were so topical that they are no longer of great interest.)  Most of these shows are also available on our Archive and Podcast pages.

This week,  we’ll rebroadast “Main Street $marts – Who got us into this economic mess and how we get through it?” with Grace Ross, which originally broadcast on 2/22/2012. Grace Ross is a lifetime activist in democratic people’s movements, a two-time candidate for Governor of Massachusetts, and coordinator of the Mass Alliance Against Predatory Lending, the statewide coalition working to reverse the foreclosure-crisis in our Commonwealth.

The discussion in this show centers around her book on the ongoing economic crisis entitled “Main Street $marts – Who got us into this economic mess and how we get through it?” The book is a comprehensive survey of the damage done to the 99% by an economy managed for the benefit of the few, and provides common sense prescriptions for solving the problems, ranging from banking, foreclosures and homelessness, to health care, to jobs – all the while empowering people and building a more democratic society.

Main Street $marts – Who got us into this economic mess and how we get through it? with Grace Ross
Wednesday, 5/15/2013 7:00 pm USA Eastern Time
(Rebroadcast of a show that aired 2/22/12)
Occupy Boston Radio – OBR.FM
with rebroadcasts the following Monday 10:00 am
and Wednesday 7:00 am

Occupy Boston Radio is not-for-profit, volunteer-based, community radio, currently available by internet only.


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