6/5 Preventing War with Iran (Rebroadcast)

This year, interspersed with new shows, the Free School University Program will be replaying most of the shows from last year, roughly in chronological order.  (The only shows we’ll skip will be those for which there is no recording, and maybe a few that were so topical that they are no longer of great interest.)  Many of these shows are also available on our Archive and Podcast pages.

Muslim womanThis week, we’ll rebroadcast Preventing War with Iran with Shelagh Foreman and John Maher of Massachusetts Peace Action, which originally broadcast on 6/20/2012.

At the time when this show aired been escalating talk about the possibility of a U.S. war with Iran. This threat may have been eclipsed by other crises, but has not gone away.  Between Israel and the U.S., there is always the danger of aggressive action to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon – despite the fact that top U.S. intelligence officials have made consistent statements that Iran does not have a nuclear weapons program nor is there evidence they intend to establish one.  Massachusetts Peace Action (http://masspeaceaction.org/) and other peace groups have been working to prevent our engagement in another pointless, disastrous war.

Mass Peace Action board members Shelagh Foreman and John Maher will talk to us about why sabre-rattling is the wrong approach to dealing with Iran, and what we need to do to try fight further military escalation in the Middle East.

One of the guests on this show, Shelagh Foreman, will be receiving an award from the Boston local of Democratic Socialists of America the Friday following this rebroadcast.  Also receiving awards are Jenn Doe of Jobs with Justice, and Andi Mullen of the Campaign for Our Communities.  All are invited to the awards reception.  See www.dsaboston.org for more information.

Preventing War with Iran
with Shelagh Foreman and John Maher of Massachusetts Peace Action

Wednesday, 6/5/2013 7:00 pm USA Eastern Time
(Rebroadcast of a show that aired 3/7/12)
Occupy Boston Radio – OBR.FM
with rebroadcasts the following Monday 10:00 am
and Wednesday 7:00 am

You can also listen to another interview with Shelagh Foreman on WMBR’s “Radio with a View”.  Available at WMBR’S Archive page for Sunday June 2, 2013:

Occupy Boston Radio is not-for-profit, volunteer-based, community radio, currently available by internet only.


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