Free School University Podcasts

Get FSU Programs by Podcast

Many of our old shows are available as podcasts, and new shows are podcast within 8 to 10 days of the original broadcast.  You can see a list of all available podcasts on our blogs podcast category page, or sign up to receive them automatically through the links on our Feedburner site.  (There’s also a link to the podcast feed on the right hand side of every page on this blog.)

What is a Podcast?

A podcast is a like TIVO for radio. You set up a piece of software, called a “podcatcher” to download the show automatically to your computer (in a standard “mp3” audio format). You can listen later, when you want to, without waiting for it to come up on a scheduled broadcast, and without missing it. Some people set their computers up to automatically put the file on their iPod or mp3 player. Then they listen on the commute, at the gym, in bed, or wherever. Or, just listen on your computer. You never miss a program, and you can listen at your own convenience.

OK, What do I need to do?

It’s pretty simple. You need to have a podcast receiver, also known as a podcatcher. This free software will let you select from thousands of podcasts (like a TIVO), to make your own programming schedule. The most popular podcatcher, these days is Apple’s free iTunes program. Another popular one is “Juice” (formerly known as IPodder), the classic software designed by Adam Curry, the father of podcasting. You can find a list of other podcatchers at the Podcatcher Matrix. Podcatchers are small, non-invasive, safe to use. Once installed, open the program and select your feeds from a list, or enter the feed URL (in our case in the box.  You can also use a web-based podcatcher like Podnova.


Thanks to Alex Smith and Radio EcoShock for letting us “borrow” some of the above language on podcasting.


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